About FENIX Innovative Material

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About FENIX® Innovative Surface Materials

Interiors have a new material: FENIX® innovative materials for interior design

As the design world continues to search for the best surfaces for interior spaces, FENIX® innovative materials has quickly risen to the top by satisfying the needs of two interior design trends:  

  1. Smart, innovative materials that deliver on-trend Italian design,
  2. A surface that is extremely matte, soft to the touch, and resists fingerprints. 

So, what is FENIX® surface material?

FENIX® selection of innovative surface materials are made of paper (over 60%) and thermosetting resins (30 - 40%). The FENIX® products are created by a pressing process in which heat and pressure are applied simultaneously in order to obtain a homogeneous non-porous product. First introduced in 2013, FENIX® was developed following years of research and development by an international team of scientists and engineers. Thanks to proprietary technology, FENIX® is able to achieve its incredible surface properties by undergoing a series of processes, including a multilayer coating and use of next-gen acrylic resins, which are then hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process.

Some of the benefits of FENIX® surface material includes:

  • Soft to the touch
  • Extremely matte
  • Resists fingerprints
  • Thermal healing of microscratches

When viewed under a microscope, you can see that the structure of FENIX is like a landscape with uneven peaks and valleys. When light waves hit the surface, the angle of incidence is not the same everywhere. Therefore, light reflects in different directions. This is what makes FENIX matte. FENIX® is available in numerous design options through three different product lines – NanoTech Matte (NTM), NanoTech Alloy (NTA), and NTM Bloom – all offering the same incredible surface properties that you expect from the FENIX® innovative material. Browse FENIX® products to explore our range of colors and order your free FENIX® sample. 

FENIX for Interiors Across the Globe. To learn more about the global brand, FENIX®, visit our website today.

How Can FENIX® be used?

FENIX® materials can be used in so many different ways, both for home interiors and commercial spaces. Watch our video down below to learn more.

Coffee table made of FENIX innovative materials with the word Versatility on top of the image

FENIX Versatility

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